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How to expand your network

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Today knowledge intelligently expand his circle of relations is no longer the monopoly of seasoned networkers but also the fact that everyone, through situations of everyday life.

Opportunities not to miss method to approach your target contacts, not to make mistakes … Here are tips to enrich their address book. A significant weapon at a time when you may need to meet the challenges of a job search or starting a business.

Be ready at all times

It must be borne in mind that any situation can be an opportunity to enlarge its network. Travel, meals, parties and a fortiori, conferences are so many opportunities available to you. To not let your opportunity gone with the wind, always think that you must have business cards. When we meet someone, and we don’t have business card is actually harmful. In 90% of cases, when you do not have your own business card, then you meet people you said you will send it, but the fact you do not send your card. It’s huge mistakes. Prepare your self to have your own business card.

Decompartmentalise personal and professional relationships

People tend to separate their personal from their professional relationships and it is a mistake. Do not hesitate to open up the personal and professional relationships. Share your interests with your professional relationships. by collaborating your personal and professional life, you can open doors unsuspected, the personal circle can become a relay exceptional.

Establish your image as an expert

One way to integrate your self related to your workplace is to establish your image as an expert in the field where you have jurisdiction. The way can be done by participating in discussion circles, intervening in seminars or conferences, exchanging on expert forums .

If such an activity can quickly become time consuming, both in terms of travel or time spent on the blogosphere, it is nevertheless an excellent showcase and therefore an ideal way to meet new people, increase their network quality.

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