Rabu, 20 Oktober 2010

Let Your Passion Make Money For You

By Christopher Mendetta

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What is your greatest passion in life? Do you paint, draw, write books, or love taking pictures? All of these things can make money for you if you decide you want to pursue them with a more serious mindset. Artists sell their work all the time, and freelance work is always available if you know where to look. You may move beyond the realm of freelance work and decide to publish or market your work on its own, and then you can make serious money once you have n audience that is interested in your unique work.

Painters who have a different spin on the ordinary often sell well when they decide to make their work public. Writers can make money doing everything from writing freelance articles to publishing their novels, and even can make a few dollars through tutoring other writers or students. Photographers are always contracting out their services, from weddings and events to family portraits and baby pictures, there is a lot of photography work out there if you are ambitious enough to go get it.

The one factor that often stops the artist from going out in the world to make money is their passion for the art that they are creating, and do not think about it in monetary ways. They create spectacular original work, and have deep personal attachment to each individual piece they complete. When someone is personally attached to something it is harder to merely sell it for a dollar or two. This can often lead to the classic situation of the starving artist who never makes money until they are dead, because that is when their work is finally put on the market and sold to the public who ends up really loving their work. The art is also worth more at this time as there is no more new art to be produced, and the value and rarity increase with an artist who is no longer living.

Ultimately, the way an artist can make money with their work is to start getting their work out to the pubic as soon and as often as possible. Waiting too long on doing so makes the ability to touch people with your visions and creative work is severely diminished, and nobody will ever know how special of an artist you really are. So if you have the talent to produce something special, don't waste time mulling over whether you should put it on the market. Share your talent with the world and it may bring you some money as well.

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