Senin, 25 Oktober 2010

Tips To Create Your Work Environment More Comfortable During Pregnancy


Many pregnant women continue working throughout their pregnancy. But, during pregnancy, you can face many health problems while working at your desk.
You can avoid pregnancy discomforts and stress if you make your work space as comfortable as possible. Here are some tips to make your work environment comfortable.

Tips to make your work space comfortable:

  • Arrange all of your necessary equipment within your reach to minimize bending and stretching.
  • Back pain is the common problem experienced by most of the pregnant women and working can add discomfort. Sit in a comfortable chair that has height adjustment and you can also use a throw pillow for added comfort.
  • Try to avoid sitting in the same position for more than thirty minutes.
  • Your hips and knees should be at right angle. Your legs should not be crossed, kept flat on the floor and a stool or footrest can be used for keeping your feet in comfortable position.
  • While working at your desk, wear tennis shoes or comfortable flat shoes to avoid discomfort in your legs and back.
  • Body temperature will naturally rise during pregnancy, so it is essential to keep yourself cool at home and office. You can purchase a battery operated fan, which can be attached to your desk to keep yourself cooler.
  • Standing and sitting straight is vital to reduce pains and aches during pregnancy.
  • If you are sitting for long periods, take a break and walk around the office.
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