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Leadership Tips >> Bad Leadership Traits I

By M Rasing

Good leaders may also exhibit bad leadership traits every now and then. But if a leader consistently exhibit bad traits, then you better do something about it because the organization may suffer because of such a leader. Here are the bad leadership traits.
  • Too much love for self. A bad leader puts himself above others. In matters involving the organization, he would rather protect his own interests that that of the organization.-job-
  • Poor communication. He assumes a lot and expects others to play by his rules. Yet, he rarely communicates his expectations, his goals and the things that he wants the organization to work on. Poor communication is the cause of numerous preventable conflicts. That is why this is a bad trait for a leader to have.
  • Unwillingness to Take Risks. Whether in a business setting or in a non-profit situation, risks are inevitable. A leader who does not want to take risks is either deluded or living in an entirely closed shell!
  • Indecisiveness. A bad leader wavers in his decisions. He decides one thing, then change it again. Then change it again soon after that. People can get easily confused because of this indecisiveness.
  • Laissez Faire. This leader simply lets things happen as they happen. He does not want to participate in constructing the reality that would lead to benefit the organization.
  • Poor Self Management. If you cannot manage yourself, how do you expect to manage a whole set of people who are working on different issues and tasks at the same time? Personal self management is a necessity for any good leader.
  • Playing Favorites. Everything in an organization must be merit-based. Rewards and even punishments must be commensurate to output and performance. If a leader plays favorites, then he is compromising the long-term health of the organization.
  • Lack of Accountability. When a leader just wants to do things his own way without regard of accountability, you have take note. This is the beginning of a lack of accountability which might lead to a leader going astray.
  • Deceitful. If a leader starts telling stories to one person and then a different version of that story to another person, then deceit has taken hold of the leader. There is probably some kind of cover-up going on.
  • Too passionate for power, wealth and prestige. Leaders are entitled to wealth, power and prestige. But if he passionate only for these things, then something has gone awry! He is no longer thinking right for his office and for the organization.
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