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Leadership Tips >> Bad Leadership Traits II

By M Rasing

Good leaders may also exhibit bad leadership traits every now and then. But if a leader consistently exhibit bad traits, then you better do something about it because the organization may suffer because of such a leader. Here are the bad leadership traits.
  • Loves big strategies but no thought for implementation. It's good to dream. But you gotta wake up to implement and chase after those dreams!
  • Too much focused on rules. No problem on rules but there are times that they have to be bent to accommodate a bigger good.
  • Ruling with an iron hand. There is no armed rebellion in the workplace isn't there? Since there is none, there is really no need for ruling with an iron hand!
  • Impulsiveness. A leader should think carefully before embarking on any project and say anything at all!
  • Complicates conflicts instead of resolving them. A leader should learn how to manage conflicts and not inflame them.
  • Unwillingness to learn. Given the present situation of the global economy and how the business setting changes continuously, learning is imperative.
  • Reacting negatively to criticism. A leader should keep an open ear to criticism, whether good or bad. It might lead to something good if taken in the right way.
  • Approves unethical business. This is a sure-fire guarantee that your organization will go the way of Enron. Beware of leaders who approve unethical business!

These bad leadership traits can be found all over the workplace. Avoid them. If you find any of these, then you better device some strategy on how to deal with them.
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